Future Publishing Plan


New titles to be published:

1. The Way of the Master

An autobiography of the world renowned Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit describing how he learned from his masters to how he himself became a master.  The stories retold in this autobiography are very interesting and educational.

2. Philosophy and Practice of Chi Kung as Taught by Past Masters

A historical explanation of the philosophy and practice of chi kung by famous masters in the past that will benefit modern practitioners.

3. How to use Tai Chi Chuan Patterns for Combat

Tai Chi Chuan is a wonderful internal martial art.  This book explains how to use Tai Chi Chuan for combat as well as for good health and spiritual cultivation.

4. In Quest of Cosmos Reality

A modern explanation of an ancient classic, Awakening of Faith by Avaghosa, on what is Cosmic Reality and how to realize it. Attaining Cosmic Reality is described variously by different people as returning to God, attaining Buddhahood or merging with the Great Void.

5. The Heart Sutra

An in-depth explanation of the famous Heart Sutra which will be useful and beneficial to spiritual cultivators irrespective of their religion.

6. How to use Shaolin Kungfu Patterns for Combat

An easy and practical guide to using Shaolin Kungfu for combat against various martial arts.

7. Philosophy and History of Chi Kung

A comprehensive and in-depth explanation of the philosophy and history of chi kung that brings good health, vitality, longevity, mental freshness and spiritual joys to its practitioners.

8. The Wisdom Sutra

The Wisdom Sutra, which is the teaching of Cosmic Reality by the Buddha, is well known but little understood.  Here is an in-depth explanation in simple, readable language.


Note: Existing titles will be revised from time to time in the future.