The Complete Book of Zen


The Complete Book of Zen


In The Complete Book of Zen, Wong Kiew Kit traces the history and meaning of Zen, following its geographical path from early beginnings in India to China, and then to Japan and Vietnam. He shows how Zen lies at the heart of all great works of art and culture, and then relates its practice to daily life, setting out how Zen training and meditation may:

  • Enhance internal strength, focus, intuitive abilities and emotional balance.
  • Allow inspiring glimpses of cosmic reality.
  • Help reduce states of chronic and degenerative diseases.

Exercises described in the book offer not only a spiritual appreciation of the practice, but also an actual physical experience of Zen. Irrespective of your religious or personal beliefs, The Complete Book of Zen will encourage you to explore your spiritual potential, and bring simplicity, focus and vitality into your life.


Chapter Preview:

Chapter 1: What Is Zen? (Meditation, a Cosmic Glimpse, Cosmic Reality)

Chapter 2: Non-Buddhist and Debased Forms of Zen (Zen in Religion, Poetry and Deviated Practice)

Chapter 3: The Benefits of Zen (A Refreshed Mind, Humor, Healing and Longevity)

Chapter 4: The Characteristics of Zen (From Awakening to Enlightenment)

Chapter 5: The Background to Zen (The Fundamental Doctrines of Buddhism)

Chapter 6: Zen as Cosmic Reality (The Higher Wisdom of Buddhism)

Chapter 7: The Spread of Zen from India (The Coming of Bodhidharma form the West)

Chapter 8: Early History of Zen in China (From Hui Ke’s No-Mind to Hui Neng’s Buddha-Nature)

Chapter 9: Zen of the Sixth Patriarch (The Teaching of Hui Neng on Meditation and Wisdom)

Chapter 10: Fundamental Concepts in Zen Buddhism (The Transformation of India Buddhism to Chinese Buddhism)

Chapter 11: The Zen of Sudden Enlightenment (Seeing Your Original Face in an Instant)

Chapter 12: The Flowering of Zen in China (Ingenious Ways to Help Disciples Attain Awakening)

Chapter 13: Zen Goes East to Japan (Spiritual Cultivation through Koans and Zazen)

Chapter 14: The Quiet Grandeur of Vietnamese Zen (Where Kings Abdicated to Practice Buddhism)

Chapter 15: Understanding Zen in Arts and Culture (The Cosmic Dimension in Martial Arts and Poetry)

Chapter 16: Prerequisites for Zen Training (Preparing for a Long but Rewarding Journey)

Chapter 17: Zen of Strength and Movement (Shaolin Kungfu for Zen Cultivation)

Chapter 18: Zen for Health, Internal Strength and Vitality (Zen Training through Shaolin Chi Kung)

Chapter 19: The Zen of Highest Attainment (Meditation of One-Pointedness and of No-Mind)

Chapter 20: Illogical Zen – Or So It Seems (Zen Cultivation through the Gong-Ans)

Chapter 21: The Zen of Compassion (Chanting Sutras and Mantras in Zen Cultivation)

Chapter 22: Developmental Stages and Crucial Questions in Zen Cultivation (Ten Ox Pictures, Enlightenment and Soul)

Chapter 23: Zen in Daily Life (How to be Effective and More Joyful and Alive)


About the author:

Wong Kiew Kit, popularly known as Sifu Wong, is the fourth generation successor of Venerable Jiang Nan from the famous Shaolin Monastery in China and Grandmaster of Shaolin Wahnam Institute of Kungfu and Chi Kung. He received the “Chi Kung Master of the Year” Award during the Second World Congress on Chi Kung held in San Francisco in 1997. He has practiced and taught the Shaolin arts for more than 3 decades and has more than 60,000 students all over the world.

Since 1987, Sifu Wong has spent more time teaching Chi Kung than Kungfu, because he feels that while Kungfu serves as an interesting hobby, Chi Kung serves an urgent public need, particularly in overcoming degenerative and psychiatric illnesses.

Sifu Wong is one of the few masters who have generously introduced the once secretive Shaolin Chi Kung to the public, and has helped many people to obtain relief or overcome so-called “incurable” diseases like hypertension, asthma, rheumatism, arthritis, diabetes, migraine, gastritis, gall stones, kidney failure, depression, anxiety and even cancer.

He stresses the Shaolin philosophy of sharing goodness with all humanity, and is now dedicated to spreading the wonders and benefits of the Shaolin arts to people all over the world irrespective of race, culture and religion.

Sifu Wong is also an internationally acclaimed author of books on the Shaolin arts and Buddhism.

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Book details:

Pages: 360

Chapters: 23

Publisher: Cosmos Internet Sdn Bhd

Language: English

Paperback/Hardback: Paperback

ISBN – 10: 097-49958-3-5

ISBN – 13: 978-097-49958-3-0