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This is an excellent book, not only for the beginner, but also for those who have been studying Shaolin for many years! It is very informative about the history, philosophy, and technique of Shaolin Kung Fu. It’s a great book for doing cross-reference on different training and also has many inspiring stories in it. I’d recommend this book to ANYONE interested in Shaolin!

By J. Hall on The Complete Book of Shaolin

This book is just what the title says: A complete program in the arts of Shaolin. It includes information on Shaolin Kung-Fu, Qiqong (including the Shaolin perspectives), and many additional topics. This book is probably the most inclusive book on Shaolin that exists at this moment. If you are interested in learning more about the arts of Shaolin, or if you just want to know more about them, buy it.

By A Customer on The Complete Book of Shaolin

This book should be a requirement for any Martial Artist who is interested in becoming a greater fighter or even a better person. I found that in reading this book I learned more about myself and my spirituality. My skill increased dramatically, from the energy that I put out to my physical fitness. It was all enhanced and now I see my true potential. I now have a reason to surpass my peers and my own expectations.

By Alberto Maldonado on The Complete Book of Shaolin

This book is a great way to get introduced to Chinese medicine. It’s able to cover a lot of ground yet not being too vague or general. Usually books like this tend to be too technical, but I found it surprisingly accessible. Definitely a great starting place if you want to learn about Chinese medicine.

By A Customer on The Complete Book of Chinese Medicine

If you want to know about Chinese medicine, this is the book you need. This is not necessarily a pocket guide, but it is very comprehensive and complete.You may need to get simpler texts to break down individual topics, but this is the book you need in your library!

By Cornerstone on The Complete Book of Chinese Medicine

It is a great book to obtain a holistic knowledge about Chinese medicine. Even though when you’re an English student like me.

By Vincent on The Complete Book of Chinese Medicine

This book is the clearest, most concise and comprehensive presentation of the principles and philosophy, as well as, the practice of Chi Kung, for curing illness and the promotion of healthy and vitality, of mind and body. It is for the beginner and the experienced practitioner. Highly recommended!!

By Tom Adams on The Art of Chi Kung

First, I want to say that I had the honor of meeting Sifu (Grandmaster) and planning to take a class from him in Malaysia. He is a true Master in every sense. This book is both inspirational and will give you an understanding of what chi kung is and what it can do. I can not say enough, how Wong Kiew Kit changed my life. He has tons of information there as well. This book is simple and easy to understand but at the same time provides invaluable information. If I could I would give it 10 stars.

By Eugene Siterman on The Art of chi Kung

I have read many of Sifu Wong’s books and this one so far the best. I just had surgery last month on 22 Sep 2005, I had a tumor removed from the base of my brain. I already practice martial arts and Chi Kung, but this book has expanded my knowledge of this ancient exercise and shown me more exercises. Just practicing the abdominal breathing already increased my energy levels, and do not need sleeping pills like Ambien anymore to help me sleep. Buy this book!!!!!

By John L. Tobias on The Art of Chi Kung

This book is very good. It completely explains the history and philosophy of Shaolin Kung Fu. It hits the five main aspects of why a person would practice Kung Fu and follows those five main points through out the book. After reading the book, you can understand that martial arts is not just self defense, it’s also a good practice to bring the mind, body, and spirit together.

By Douglas J. Shaffer on The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu

I have this book along with many of Wong Kiew Kit’s other books as well I am a practitioner of Shaolin Wahnam Kung Fu. This is a well written, organized and thoroughly studied material essential to the study and practice of Shaolin Wahnam Kung Fu, and Cosmos Chi Kung. Mostly it is an outline of the art and information contained on how to improve your practice and over all good health. This can also be a great and informative read for those who take an outside interest or spectator’s view of Martial Arts in general.

By David A. Young on The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu

This is a very insightful and well written book. I would highly recommend it for any spiritually minded individual out there.

By Jimmy Leigh on The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu

I’m a fairly new student of Tai Chi Chuan as I’ve only been studying for two years. Without going into the why, I was looking for a supplement to my classes. I’ve looked at literally a hundred Tai Chi books, and while many cover the simplistic forms. Sifu Wong covers a detailed history and the origins of this martial art including all of the current derivatives and styles. That’s right, I said Martial Art! Something that most books and video’s on this subject seem to forget is that Tai Chi Chuan IS still a Martial Art and to get the FULL benefit, not only should you learn the FORMS, but an understanding of the martial application. Sifu Wong does a wonderful job of explaining all styles with a detailed flow diagram to guide you through each one. You won’t lean Tai Chi from a book, but if your already taking classes, and need a reference to help you remember that new piece you just learned or to understand the application of it, or perhaps a more detailed history and the origins of your style. Curious about other styles? –> THIS IS YOUR BOOK!

By A Customer on The Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan

The title says it all with “The Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan”. With many Tai Chi Chuan books just detailing the sequence of one particular form, it is refreshing to find one that details the history, philosophies, various styles, philosophy, and spiritual development. Author Wong Kiew Kit, a Grandmaster living in Malaysia, does a thorough job of describing and detailing the various styles. This is the first Tai Chi Chuan book that I have read that covered more than one or two styles in detail. Wong Kiew Kit details Wudang Tai Chi Chuan, Chen-Style, Yang-Style, Wu Yu Xiang-Style, Wu Chuan You-Style, and Sun-Style. The illustrations are line drawings that sometimes take some effort before you really understand the movements to be made. However, if you are looking for a reference on Tai Chi Chuan that will bring a complete understanding of the subject in all of its nuances including history, philosophy, patterns, and just about anything else, this is a highly recommended purchase.

By Harold McFarland on The Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan

This book is THE most comprehensive guide to the “supreme ultimate art” in EXISTENCE! This book gave me Chi Kung exercises that allowed me to actually feel the chi flow into my hands plus it talked about ALL the styles of Tai Chi Chuan, gave the philosophies and principals of each style, talked about energy extension (channeling your energy into a staff to give it the slicing power of a sword), and it reveals the ultimate attainment of any martial art, spiritual cultivation! If your fire still needs quenching after completing this book the author includes notes and follow-up books for each and every chapter that can be expanded plus listings and addresses of other great masters! I strongly feel that the author really went overboard to give you simply THE best!!!

By A Customer on The Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan

This book is excellent for both novices and experts alike. Not only does Sifu Wong discuss (and clearly explain) Chi Kung sets, he delves into the history of this ancient Chinese art. The best thing about this book, however, is this: Sifu Wong does not lie to the reader! He clearly states that one cannot become a Chi Kung master (or even a good practitioner) simply by reading his book. One must study with a genuine Chi Kung master to fully benefit from Chi Kung training. However, this does not mean one cannot learn a great deal from this book. Even if a person were to practice these sets as a “gentle exercise,” rather than true Chi Kung, he would still receive many great benefits from his daily practice (this I know from personal experience). I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in Chi Kung practice.

By Patrick on Chi Kung for Health and Vitality

This book is an excellent introduction to Chi Kung for health. It is easy to follow the instructions for the exercises. I highly recommend this book for people who want an easy and gentle exercise system to improve their health and boost their energy.

By Edith M. Latta on Chi Kung for Health and Vitality

Master Wong Kiew Kit is a very good author and really knows what he is talking about. I have three of his publications and they are all excellent. He doesn’t cloud his books with “junk” relating to the subject matter. A very good purchase. If you enjoy his writing style and happen to be a Buddhist, his publication “Sukhavati Western Paradise Going to Heaven as Taught by the Buddha” is one of my favorite books.

By Thomas De Mann on Chi Kung for Health and Vitality

I found this book to be an extremely in depth reference of Zen Buddhism. In comparison to others that I have read I found this to be very easy to understand, and with such a subject as Zen that is not an easy task. As simple as it is, with its all of its vast information and insight, one could read this book 100 times and get something new from it each time. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, from someone with a new curiosity about Zen, to a master seeking new insight and enlightenment.

By A Customer on The Complete Book of Zen

This book offers an exceptional introduction and orientation to Zen as a lifestyle. The author takes the reader through the very basic fundamentals and uses easy to understand explanations that keep even those readers that are completely new to Zen enthralled. The book introduces many ideologies and thoughts that are enlightening in themselves, and reflect well on the subject matter. This book is definitely a must read for any persons that are curious about Zen, or for those serious about starting their Zen lifestyle. Truly an enjoyable and thoroughly thought out book.

By Justin Schultz on The Complete Book of Zen

I have read numerous books on Zen, and this is definitely the best. In this book, Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit gives insight into every aspect of Zen history, philosophy and practice, as well as a clear explanation of Buddhism itself. I had been considering Zen Buddhism as my own religion for awhile, and after gaining a thorough understanding from this book, I have decided that, yes, I am a Zen Buddhist!

By A Customer on The Complete Book of Zen

Great book! Makes understandable in plain language the mysteries of existence. Very recommendable reading about Buddha’s teachings and the Western paradise.

By Jorge Guanter on Sukhavati: The Western Paradise

What does a Qigong Master know about Pure Land Buddhism? I found out when I read this book. It is a MUST reading.

By Thomas De Mann on Sukhavati: The Western Paradise

Wong Kiew Kit has managed to write a book that stays on topic (Sukhavati and how to be reborn there) while not neglecting to explain the basics of Mahayana Buddhism and of Pureland in particular. As such, it is a good stand alone introduction to Buddhism for those who want a broad but brief introduction.

By Scott Foster on Sukhavati: The Western Paradise

This book works as a supportive material. It is very useful for looking into past training questions. It covers many different questions from martial arts training to Taoism.

By Zachery Van Brunt on The Shaolin Arts: Master Answers Series

This book stands high among all the books intended to introduce readers to Shaolin Kung Fu. Sifu Wong introduces not only the shape, but the intent and training behind Shaolin martial arts to an extent that gives a person some of the flavor of these arts, and gives more than just a hint at the depth they entail. This book holds interest even for individuals with experience in martial arts that goes beyond the beginning stages. Well worth the effort to read!

By H. Asbury on Introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu

This is essential to those who are starting to the world of martial arts. I remember of having one, although it doesn’t give a vital knowledge, it’s gonna push you to the point where you will know and start to love the essence of martial arts, and believe me, the first thing I’ve learned, I’m still using it!

By Ariel Alcaide on Introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu

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